Austin-Weston Center for Cosmetic Surgery specializes in breast enhancement surgery, including breast implants, breast augmentation, breast lifts and breast reductions for Northern Virginia, Maryland & Washington, D.C.

Virginia BreastWomen with small or underdeveloped breasts who wish to consider breast enlargement surgery to enhance their appearance may choose to have a procedure called Breast Augmentation. This procedure will help enhance the size, shape and curvature of the breasts. A fuller body contour can be achieved through the placement of breast implants directly under the breast tissue and beneath the chest wall muscle.

At The Austin-Weston Center for Cosmetic Surgery, your surgeon works with you to select a breast implant that fits your body size and lifestyle. Our goal is to give you the most natural results possible and assure your safety. Women have reported a high degree of satisfaction with Breast Implants. Small incisions are made so that the implant can easily be inserted. These small incisions may be made in the crease at the breast fold or under the nipple.

Breast implants come in either saline or silicone gel and your physician will help you to select the best for you and your lifestyle. Breast Lift Surgery is an option for women who have some degree of sagging due to genetics, pregnancy and gravity. If added volume is desired, the breast lift surgery procedure can be done at the same time with breast augmentation surgery. Women who have overly large breasts can consider Breast Reduction Surgery. This surgery will remove excess fat and tissue and you can have a cup size more suitable to you.

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