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Buying your new bras after breast augmentation surgery is one of the little rituals that can help you celebrate the results of your surgery. Of course, it’s important to wear appropriate recovery garments after your surgery, and after that, wearing appropriate bras are essential to maintaining your good results.

Recovery Bras

Recovery bras are an important part of your recovery equipment. By giving appropriate support to your new breasts without putting too much pressure or smothering them in the wrong kind of material, recovery bras are a good way to ensure that your breasts heal quickly and your incisions diminish appropriately. They also reduce your discomfort, making for a better recovery period, and making it easier for you to get up and around sooner.

Wearing a Bra after Breast Augmentation

Many women are tempted to go without a bra after breast augmentation. Breast implants (especially silicone breast implants) are better at supporting themselves than natural breast tissue, and you might feel comfortable walking around without a bra, but it is best to wear one. A bra provides your breasts extra support, reducing the tension on your breast skin and the breast pocket. This can increase the longevity of your results, postponing any follow-up surgery to maintain your results.

Selecting a Bra after Breast Augmentation

Consider getting a professional bra fitting after your breast augmentation. Professional advice can help you get a bra that will show your results to maximum advantage and provide maximum support, but it will also help to make it more of an occasion. Your breast augmentation is something very important you have done for yourself, don’t be afraid to celebrate and splurge a little with a new bra and maybe a couple of new outfits that show off your results.

On the other hand, if you’d prefer to fit yourself, start by measuring your rib cage at the base of your breasts using a tailor’s measuring tape. Keep it level around your chest. Record the measurement, and add four (for an even number) or five (for an odd number) to get a starting estimate for your band size.

Then measure your chest at the point of greatest projection, generally, the nipple, again keeping the tape level. Then subtract the band size from this measurement and consult the following chart:

Difference Cup Size
1″ A
2″ B
3″ C
4″ D
5″ DD (or E)
6″ DDD (or F)
7″ G


And so on, typically increasing one cup size for each inch, but be prepared for more variation among manufacturers as you get above a D-cup. Some manufacturers recommend different measuring techniques, such as measuring your band size by running the tape just above the breasts and rounding up to the nearest even number.

Once you’ve gotten this basic measurement, you can start trying on bras.

Trying on Bras

Never buy a bra without trying it on. Just because the numbers are right, doesn’t mean the bra will be. To check your fit, fasten the bra at its loosest setting, then bend over and use gravity to settle your breasts into the bra, smoothing them if necessary. Check these key features of fit:

  • The band of the bra should be level across the side of your chest and in the back. If it rides up, the band is too large and you should go down a size.
  • Your breast should just fill the cup without spilling over or gapping
  • The underwire (if applicable) should trace the shape of the breast
  • The center front of the bra should be flat and close to the breastbone
  • Adjust your straps until you can only fit two fingers below it

If your bra meets these criteria, you have selected an appropriate bra.

Sports Bras

If you work out regularly, a sports bra is an important piece of equipment for maintaining the good results of your breast augmentation. Although before your surgery you may have used a compression style sports bra, after surgery you may find you are more comfortable with an encapsulated or natural shaping bra. Selecting one with an underwire can help you get more support. Also, the racer back style can give you additional support.

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And don’t forget to replace your sports bra regularly. If you work out 3-4 times a week, it is recommended that you replace your sports bra every 6-12 months. If you notice your breasts moving more during your workouts, it is time for a new sports bra.