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DC Breast healthHealthy breasts are the most beautiful breasts. No matter what kind of breast enhancement you may be considering, taking good care of your breasts will reduce your need for surgery and improve the results you get from your breast surgery. Here are some tips that can help you ensure breast health throughout your life.

General Health

Your breasts are part of your body, so your general health can have a big impact on your breast health. So maintaining good general health is an important first step. A healthy diet, regular exercise, and good hydration will go a long way to keeping your breasts healthy. Maintaining a healthy weight will keep your breasts looking their best, but yo-yo dieting is terrible for your breasts. As you gain and lose weight, your breasts will grow and shrink in response. This can reduce breast skin elasticity and lead to less-attractive breasts.

Quit Smoking

If you don’t have enough people telling you to quit, here’s another reason why: it’s bad for your breasts. Women who smoke are more likely to suffer serious breast sagging at a younger age, meaning you will be more likely to need a breast lift.  And if you decide to have a breast lift or breast augmentation to combat sagging, smoking increases your risk of complications and reduces the length of your great results.

Treat Your Skin Right

Healthy skin is half (or more) of what makes great-looking breasts look so great.  The skin is the visible surface of your breasts, and when it is smooth and youthful-looking your breasts are more likely to turn heads. Plus the skin is an important part of the support system for your breasts.  Keeping your skin healthy and elastic will make a breast lift less necessary and improve the life of your breast augmentation results.

Skin care treatments are not just for your face!  We can help you keep your breasts’ skin healthy and good-looking as well. And, of course, always to use sunscreen for your décolleté whenever you wear a low-cut blouse, shirt, or dress.

Support Structures

Gravity is hard on breasts. It pulls on them every minute you are standing or sitting upright, and over time this force can take its toll. Unfortunately, research shows that as many as 90% of women wear the wrong bra, which can reduce the effectiveness of a bra in giving your breasts the support they need.

Exercise is even harder on breasts than gravity. Depending on the type of exercise you do, it can subject them to tremendous force and damage supporting ligaments and skin.  It is doubly important that you wear an appropriate sports bra every time you exercise.

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Learn about the best bras after breast surgery.  (And, yes, you should wear a bra most of the time after your breast augmentation.)


Some women worry that breast implants will make it less likely that cancer will be detected early. But if you work with an experienced screener, and tell them the details of your surgery the chance of detecting precancerous growths is very high. The rate of detection can be improved still further when breast implants are placed behind the pectoral muscle. And, it’s important to have your mammograms conducted at regular intervals as instructed by your doctor.